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An estimated thirty million citizens across 25 regions of Ukraine are at high-risk this winter as temperatures plummet to -20C (-4°F) in late December through March.

Under these circumstances, relying on centralized heat and power supply systems is not only risky, but impossible.


Russian attacks against Ukraine have heavily damaged most thermal power generation and two thirds of the autotransformers. The military has concentrated its attacks on Ukrainian power facilities, fuel storage depots, and waterworks.

50% of the entire energy
infrastructure HAS BEEN permanently destroyed.

50% of the entire energy infrastructure HAS BEEN permanently destroyed.

30 million Ukrainians
only have access to power including heat and water, for a handful of hours a day.

30 million Ukrainians only have access to power including heat and water, for a handful of hours a day.

At least 6 million Ukrainians
have no access to power at all as temperatures drop below zero.

At least 6 million Ukrainians have no access to power at all as temperatures drop below zero.

Ukrainians are preparing to endure a winter, that, for tens of thousands will prove deadly,
if there are not adequate interventions.

The Ukrainian government is rationing electricity consumption, using an unreliable schedule of rolling blackouts as the working grid reaches capacity. Damage to the Ukrainian centralized system of water heating has already seriously affected all 25 regions in Ukraine stretching across the country from west to east, denying civilians electricity, heat, and water. Nearly every area of Ukraine has been shelled, severing power lines, and smashing windows, making heating even more difficult.

In late November, Russian attacks cut off essential power to the country’s nuclear power stations, forcing all four into high-risk mitigation procedures controlled by Russian forces. The Nova Kakhovka hydroelectric dam is also at risk. If breached, it would flood some 80 communities and destroy the region’s water supply. Russian gas has been cut off and even schools and hospitals are losing power.

Ukrainian cities and towns need to move towards more decentralized energy systems to provide heat and power to their inhabitants. In the meantime, Ukrainian local authorities must ensure that they have alternative systems of heat and power generation for public premises which are also used for emergency shelter such as schools, stadiums, libraries, and hospitals.

From two to five million Ukrainian households routinely lose electricity
after just one morning of Russian air raids.


The ANTI-Freezz coalition

The ANTI-FreeZZ Coalition was founded by Alicia Eastman and Oleksiy Tatarenko to provide Ukrainian cities and towns across all 25 regions of Ukraine with decentralized and mobile renewable energy system solutions, to identify and supply heat, power, and water to people in urban areas through the 2022/2023 winter season, and source winterized clothing and camping gear for worst case situations.

All coalition members work or have worked for or with, a company, NGO, charity, or institution with experience and pathways to humanitarian aid, crisis management and logistics expertise and networks, or access to green energy solutions.


Adamo Screnci is the Chair of Mobility at Hydrogen Europe, having worked extensively on the development of the hydrogen value chain, and was Deputy CEO of Hydrogen Refueling Solutions (HRS), Head of Clean Hydrogen at Total, and built the green H2 and chemicals business line at Thyssenkrupp. Holding a master’s degree in engineering, process, electrochemistry, and energy, Adamo greatest asset is his energy and network. He knows nearly everyone in clean energy worldwide and is contributing his creativity and connections to the Coalition.

Agata Sivokhin is a Prospero World Consultant, responsible for the Fiscal Sponsorship Programme, communications, and digital platforms support. Agata is a lead contact with the Klitschko Foundation who are fiscally sponsored by Prospero World and has a strong network of active Ukraine supporters in the UK and abroad. Klitschko Foundation is a Ukrainian charitable organisation founded in 2003 by heavyweight boxing world champions brothers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, to support young people to develop themselves in three key areas: education, sports, and active citizenship.

Alicia Eastman is the President of InterContinental Energy, a green hydrogen developer/owner in Western Australia and the Middle East. She has also been a Director of Prospero and Prospero World Trading for fifteen years and is focused on establishment and maintenance of the Operation ANTI-FreeZZ Company Limited by Guarantee as well as connecting different coalition members and their partners to deliver green energy, winterized clothing, and camping solutions to Ukrainians.

Anna-Louisa Psarras is Company Secretary for Prospero (World and World Trading). She has 20 years’ experience of working in international development with a focus on Crisis Response. She has worked on emergency programs in Zimbabwe, Myanmar, East Timor, the Middle East, and Europe. She has been working on the humanitarian response to Ukraine since Day 1 of the invasion. She has extensive experience in program development, strategy, fundraising, and communications.

Neil Carmichael is a director at Pacific Green Technologies, a clean energy startup he joined when he left Shell in 2010. It has built and/or acquired positions in energy storage, concentrated solar and marine propulsion. Prior to that Neil worked in the upstream sector of Shell for 25 years, latterly on projects and bids in the Former Soviet Union.

John Wood is the Founder and CEO of U-Go, a new start up dedicated to providing university scholarships to girls in developing countries. John founded Room to Read in 2000 and grew it to become one of the most impactful education organisations in the world. The teams he recruited have raised over US$750 million and as a result, Room to Read has educated over 25 million children in 20 countries. He also works in private equity roles with Asia Partners and Concentric Equity. He is focused on introductions to donors and cold weather clothing and gear providers.

Konstantin Sivokhin is the Co-founder of Auctus Industries and a Trustee of Prospero World. He has close to 20 years of experience in finance and investment with a strong network of prominent Ukrainians within the country and abroad, who are actively supporting Ukraine. He has access to funding, logistics, and procurement inside and outside Ukraine.

Oleksiy Tatarenko is a Senior Principal, Hydrogen Initiatives at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), focused on organisation of the coalition and identifying green solutions that can be scalable (including equipment procurement and installation as well as clean fuel supply) and deliver the highest impact in the condensed period of time.

Olena Pavlenko is President of DiXi Group, a Ukrainian leading energy and climate solutions NGO with personnel on the ground, understanding of local needs, logistics networks, and fundraising capacity. DiXi Group will be responsible for organizing implementation of solutions within Ukraine, jointly with Klitschko Foundation.

Stephen Butler is the Managing Director of Strategy Council, an international conference organiser, holding events to promote FDI into Ukraine for 25 years. His network of contacts extends across the Ukrainian business community and includes potential investors globally.

Andrew Dickson is Development Director at CWP Global, developing ultra large renewable energy projects in Australia, Africa and the Americas. He is a director of the Smart Energy Council in Australia and the Ammonia Energy Association, and has been involved with several global electric mobility initiatives.

Ukrainian Action is a mission-driven NGO dedicated to supporting the survival and development of Ukrainian Citizens. They regularly drive trucks filled with humanitarian and medical supplies to the country.



Hard winter clothing
& bedding

Hard winter clothing and bedding. This solution provides hard winter clothing and sleeping bags for a family of three. It is mainly purposed for just liberated towns and cities where all energy infrastructure has been destroyed by Russian troops before retreating. Hence, people are living in houses with no heating.


Solar power generators
& biomass ovens

Solar power generators. This solution addresses the needs of families living in multi-apartment buildings where diesel generators or biomass ovens cannot be installed due to safety reasons. One 2KW generator can cover the basic power needs of one family. Most often, people need light, a refrigerator, coffee grinder, hair dryer, TV, router and charging devices. If they have natural gas for heating, that's enough for 24hrs.

Biomass ovens. Multifuel 4.5KW stoves can work on different types of biomass. Most often used type is dry wood. Unlike solar power generators biomass ovens serve a need of producing heat rather than power. Their main use is in standalone houses in rural areas where gas or centralized heart supply got disrupted. One oven can serve the needs of one family living in a standalone house. The cost of this solution is roughly the same as cost of solar power generator.


Battery storage
containerized solutions

Containerized battery storage. Containerized battery systems are 1-3MW solutions that can serve the needs of the whole multi-apartment building or a hospital. The portability, compactness and ease of installation of battery systems means they can be easily installed in carparks or other areas adjacent to key facilities such as hospitals and community centres, complementing or replacing diesel generators. The benefit of this type of solution is that it can be utilized after the war is over to balance power grid or continue serving the needs of a hospital.



Operation ANTI-FreeZZ is registered in the UK as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Anti FreeZZ has applied to Prospero World to be a fiscally sponsored partner organisation. As a Registered UK charity, Prospero World can receive tax efficient donations on behalf of vetted charitable programmes, selected at the Trustees discretion. Being a fiscally sponsored organisation would mean that tax efficient donations could be made by UK donors to the coalition, in support of its charitable and humanitarian work.

Prospero World is a Registered UK Charity aiming to empower positive change through education, collaboration, and action.

Prospero World has worked with a number of fully vetted, trusted partners in Ukraine and has been the UK fiscal sponsor of the Klitschko Foundation, since Autumn of 2021. It has also supported the work of a network of vetted organisations providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians since the Russian invasion on 24th February 2022.


Stephen Butler

Alicia Eastman

Agata Sivokhin


Individual donations

Can be made my UK and non-UK taxpayers alike,

Larger corporation donations

Should be discussed with one of the Coalition Members and may include in-kind contributions such as winter gear and clothing or energy solutions.

Email: for more information.

How to Donate!


Hard winter clothing
& bedding

Hard winter clothing and bedding for one household of three during below zero temperatures.


Solar power generators
& biomass ovens

Solar power generator capable of covering the basic power needs of one single family apartment or a biomass oven used mostly for heat in a standalone house in a rural area.


Battery storage
containerized solutions

Containerized battery storage which can service an entire apartment building or hospital and is highly mobile.

UK taxpayer